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Your Gender Book : Helping You Be You! by Ben Pechey


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‘This book is here to hold your hand; to answer your questions; soothe your soul; help you understand yourself in new ways. The best place to start is at the beginning. The best time is now! So, turn the page and let’s explore who you are!’If you are at the start of your journey with gender identity, or looking to help someone who is, this insightful guide offers a safe space to celebrate you becoming your true – and most joyful – self.

With fun activities, resources and LGBTQ+ role models throughout, this book sheds light on everything from gender identity, sex, pronouns and expression, to barriers, mental health, allyship and finding happiness. Written in Ben Pechey’s trademark witty, upbeat and vibrant style, this empowering tool will help you engage with your gender creatively and become your most authentic self.

Your Gender Book : Helping You Be You! by Ben Pechey

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