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One of the best things about zines is how we’re not in competition with each other. Making & doing & putting our work into the world only makes the zine & DIY scene stronger and creates more room for other people to do their own thing. So – go follow & support these other ace zinesters, and go start something of your own! Make a zine, start a distro or a library, put on a fair!

Would you like your zine-related-thing listed here? Contact us and we’ll happily add you.

Other UK Distros:

Vampire Hag Distro (Kent) – website / tumblrtwitter / instagram / facebook
Synchronise Witches (Huddersfield) – website / tumblr / twitter / instagram /  facebook
A Pale Landscape (Swindon) – etsy

♡ You can also find lots of individuals selling zines on Etsy in the zine category.

International Distros:

Brown Recluse Zine Distro (USA) – website / tumblr / instagramfacebook
Mend My Dress Press (USA) – website / tumblr / instagram / facebook
Portland Button Works And Zine Distro (USA) – website / tumblr / twitter / instagram / facebook
Merfemme Distro (Germany) – etsy / facebook / instagram


Salford Zine Library (Manchester) – website / twitter / instagram / facebook
Manchester LGBT Zine Librarywebsitetwittertumblr / facebook
Zineopolis (Portsmouth) – website
British Library (London) – website
The Stuart Hall Library (London) – website
The Forgotten Zine Archive (Dublin) – twitter / facebook
London College of Communication Librarywebsite / facebook
Burnley Zine Librarytumblr
Glasgow Women’s Librarywebsite / twitter
Glasgow School of Art Library zine collectiontumblr
♡ Huddersfield Zine Libraryfacebook
York Zine Libraryfacebook
Glasgow Zine Librarywebsite / twitter / instagram / facebook
Plymouth Zine Librarywebsite / twitter
Queer Zine Library (travelling) – website / twitter
Lincoln Zine Library –  twitter
Dundee Zine Librarytwitter
Edinburgh Zine Librarywebsite / twitter
Cornwall Zine Librarywebsite
Notts Zine Libraryinstagram


Housmans (London) sells zines in their physical store – website
Crisps (Edinburgh) sells zines/comics/magazines – website / twitter
♡ Specialist Subject Records (Bristol) sell zines along with records – website / twitter / instagram
♡ News From Nowhere (Liverpool) sells zines and radical books and other merch – website / twitter
♡ Shelf Life
(Cardiff) – website / twitter
♡ Category Is Books (Glasgow) – website / twitter


(coming soon!)

UK Zine Fests:

North-West Zine Festwebsite / twitter / instagram / facebook
Sheffield Zine Festwebsite / twitter / instagramfacebook
Glasgow Zine Festwebsitetwitter / instagram / facebook
DIY Cultures (London) – tumblr /  twitter / facebook
Queer Zine Fest (London) – tumblr / twitter / facebook
Alternative Press (London) – websitetwitter / facebook
Leeds Zine Fairwebsite
SW Zines (events in SW London/Surrey) – website / twitter
Swansea Zine Festwebsite / twitter
Dundee Zine Festtwitter
Swindon Zine Festwebsite / twitter
Bradford Zine Fairtwitter

UK Groups:

Goldsmiths Zine Societyfacebook group
Bristol Zine Collectivefacebook group


Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcastwebsite (last updated 2012)
Zinecore Radiowebsite (last updated 2011)
♡ It’s Pronounced Zine – website
Zine Reportwebsite
Print, Fold, Staplewebsite
Read and Distributewebsite

Other Zine Resources:

PoC Zine Project (USA) – tumblr / twitter / instagram / facebook
Queer Zine Archive Projectwebsite / twitter
Stolen Sharpie Revolutionwebsite
Ace Zine Archivewebsite / tumblr
We Make Zines social network for zinesters – website
Fanzines news about zine culture from around the world – tumblrtwitter / facebook
Zine Nation zine reviews and interviews – website / twitter
UK and Ireland Zine Librarianswebsite / twitter
Call For Zine Submissions tumblr re-blogging zine-related call for submissions – tumblr
Fuck Yeah Zinestumblr
We Love Zinestumblr
Grrrl Zinestumblr
Nice Zinestumblr
Zines A Go Gofacebook group
UK Zine Scenefacebook group
Feminist Zines Europefacebook group

Online Archives:

Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Librarywebsite


50 zines by queer people of colourCut & Paste (Bitch Magazine’s regular article on zines) ♥ How To Make A Zine a guide by Rookie ♥ How I Make My Zines by Emma ♥ How To Run A Zine Event also by Emma


Riot Grrrl Activism through Art and Zines (5:24) by Alien She at YBCA ♥ Self-Publishers of the World Take Over (34:11) by Salford Zine Library ♥ How To Make A Zine (3:49) by Nicki Sabalu ♥ Making Zines on a Budget (9:55) by Marie Annetoinette


Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism by Alison Piepmeier
Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY Zine Resource by Alex Wrekk
Girls Make Media by Mary Celeste Kearney

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