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A Whisper Or A Shout

Call for Entries!

issue 2 of A Whisper Or A Shout (only 4 years after the first issue..) is gonna be on Working Class Rage.

  • What pisses you off about class in general, the ~working class experience~, or posh dickheads? What about how the world treats working class anger? Or anything else related to working class rage, anger or violence.

  • Entries from working class folks only please. [Who is working class? Anyone who feels like they are, class is a messy thing to define]. Would especially love entries from women, people of colour, queers, and disabled folk.

  • Submissions can be writing or art [it’ll be printed in black and white]. All skill levels welcome, write or draw however ya like. I dgaf about ‘proper’ spelling or grammar here. No poetry please!

  • Send ’em to All contributors will get a few copies of the zine and some goodies as thanks.

  • Submission deadline May 31st 2021

Hope to hear from ya pals, please share with anyone who may be interested!

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