pen fight

queer & feminist zines, books, art, DIY & tiny press.

Your Work

Submitting your work for sale

If you’d like me to consider selling your lovely work you’ll need to post me a sample to this address:

Vicky Stevenson
Pen Fight
PO Box 610
M12 0EN

Unfortunately I cannot return samples.

Let me know the following information: a little about yourself, your retail and wholesale prices (usually 50% of retail, but this is negotiable), and how to contact you.

For zines, I purchase up-front and pay via paypal, bank transfer, or with distro credit (your choice).

For books and other large items, we prefer sale-or-return.

Pen Fight Press

I also run a small zine press, and can print and bind your work for you! I can currently print A4 in black and white or full colour. I take care of distribution and you get a paid 40% of the profit from every copy sold.

Or, if you don’t need to receive payment but just want your zine out in the world, we can sell them on a pay-what-you-can scale down to £0.

I’m especially interested in putting out new work, or zines by makers from outside the UK. Talk to us if you’re interested – please include a full PDF or similar of your zine if you have this available.

What I’m interested in:

Zines, books, pins, patches, prints, bags, & other DIY handmade crafts and artwork.

Work on the theme of: mental health, self care, disability, gender, sexuality, women, feminism, politics, class, friendship & relationships, plants, environmentalism & animal rights, veg*n food, affordable arts & crafts, how-to’s, and perzines.

What I’m not interested in: anything that involves racism, sexism, cultural appropriation, ableism, homo/bi/queer/ace-phobia, transphobia or cissexism, body-shaming, classism, victim blaming, anti-sex-worker etc. It’s also important to me that what Pen Fight sells is affordable, so I probably won’t accept any zines that retail for over £5, or larger items for over £20. Also as a rule I do not stock poetry, sorry!

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