Your Work

Submitting your work for consideration

If you’d like us to consider distributing your lovely work you’ll need to post us a sample to this address (or hand it to us at a zine fair):


Unfortunately we cannot return samples unless you provide a pre-stamped envelope.

Let us know the following information: a little about yourself, your retail and wholesale prices (usually 50% of retail, but this is negotiable), and how to contact you.

Unless we make or print your work for you, we purchase up-front and we pay via paypal or with distro credit (your choice).


What we’re interested in

Zines, books, records, badges, patches, prints, bags, & other DIY handmade crafts and artwork.

We ♥ work on the theme of: mental health, self care, disability, gender, sexuality, women, feminism, politics, class, friendship & relationships, environmentalism & animal rights, veg*n food, affordable arts & crafts, how-to’s, and perzines.

What we’re not interested in: anything that involves racism, sexism, cultural appropriation, ableism, homo/bi/queer/ace-phobia, transphobia or cissexism, body-shaming, classism, victim blaming, sex-worker shaming or any other nasty stuff. It’s also important to us that what we sell is affordable, so we probably won’t accept any zines that retail for over £5, or larger items for over £20.


Help! I wanna make a zine but don’t know where to start!

If you’re struggling with the practical side of zine making, whether it’s layout or having the funds to get it print, get in touch. We wanna help get more zines into the world!

Printing / binding your work for you

Sometimes it’s easier for you to provide flats or digital files that we copy and bind from ourselves. For example, to save on postage costs if you’re based outside of the UK, or if you don’t have access to cheap photocopies, or cannot personally copy and bind zines for any other reason.


Badge, magnet, and pocket mirror designs

We’re also happy to sell badge/magnet/mirror designs on your behalf & pay a consignment rate for what you sell.