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Write Queer Zines


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WRITE QUEER ZINES –  an A3 2 colour black and blue risographed print on 120gsm white paper.

This print has sliding scale pricing. I want everyone who wants a piece of art to be able to afford it, so please pay what you can. 50% of all sales of these prints will go to Nice Time – a community arts organisation based in Manchester.

Here’s a payment guide (but it’s only a guide!) if you’re struggling to decide how much to pay.

£5 – £10 – low price
We recommend this price if: you frequently stress about affording your basic needs, you sometimes cannot afford transport, you are unemployed or underemployed, you have no access to savings, you qualify for assistance such as food banks and benefits, you have little or zero disposable income, and you can rarely afford to buy new items

£10 – £15 – medium price
We recommend this if: you sometimes stress about affording your basic needs but regulary achieve them, you can afford public or private transport, you are employed, you may have savings, you have some disposable income, you can afford to buy some new items, and you can afford to take an occasional holiday

£15 – £30 – high price
We recommend this if: you can comfortably meet all your basic needs, you can afford transport, you have access to savings, you have disposable income, you can always buy new items, and can afford regular holidays.

Write Queer Zines

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Weight 200 g

£5, £6, £7, £10, £15, £20, £30


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