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Weird Walk issue 4


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A5 / 48pg / full colour / UK
Printed on high quality recycled stock

Abundant with vibes

The wheel turns and we find ourselves halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Signs of new life emerge, the earth awakens, a new issue of Weird Walk pokes through the fecund mulch…

The question of land rights, and who owns the British countryside, has dangled over these islands for centuries. Nick Hayes addresses free access to open spaces directly in this issue’s interview, while Zakia Sewell speaks of discovering a different kind of Britain, the Albion that she has navigated on her excellent BBC radio shows.

Elsewhere Stewart Lee finds his own connection with the landscape on a walk from Lamorna, uniting passions for visionary artists and prehistoric monuments and, in contrast to country acres parcelled away on grand estates, we take a look at the edgelands, those unloved, unruly spaces and the music that conjures them.

May the wand of Saint Brigid bless your vegetation…

Weird Walk issue 4

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