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The Story of Afro Hair


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Explore the incredible history of Afro hair.The Story of Afro HairĀ celebrates the fashion and styles of Afro hair over the last 5,000 years. FromĀ plaitsĀ to theĀ Gibson Girl,Ā cornrowsĀ toĀ locks, theĀ hi-top fadeĀ toĀ funki dreds,Ā The Story of Afro HairĀ is theĀ ultimate book of Afro hairstories.
Kicking off with an explanation ofĀ how Afro hair type growsĀ and why,Ā The Story of Afro HairĀ then takes us right back to theĀ politics and fashion of Ancient Egypt.
Speeding forwards to modern times we experience theĀ Kingdom of Benin,Ā HenryĀ VIIIā€™s court, theĀ enslavement of African peoples, theĀ Harlem Renaissance,Ā the beginnings ofĀ Rastafarianism,Ā Britain in the 1980sĀ ā€“ and much more.

With vibrantĀ full colour illustrationsĀ by Joelle Avelino.
AĀ sparkling gold foilĀ hardback cover ā€“ the perfect gift for anyone interested in culture, fashion and history.
With profiles of inspirationalĀ key figuresĀ in theĀ Afro hair beauty industry, such asĀ Sara Spencer Washington, Madam CJ Walker, Viola Desmond,Ā Lincoln Dyke, Dudley DrydenĀ andĀ Anthony Wade.

The Story of Afro Hair

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