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Small Bodies of Water by Nina Mingya Powles


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Nina Mingya Powles first learned to swim in Borneo – where her mother was born and her grandfather studied freshwater fish. There, the local swimming pool became her first body of water.

Through her life there have been others that have meant different things, but have still been, in their own way, home: from the wild coastline of New Zealand to a pond in northwest London. In lyrical, powerful prose, Small Bodies of Water weaves together memories, dreams and nature writing. Exploring everything from migration, food, family, earthquakes and the ancient lunisolar calendar, Nina reflects on a girlhood spent growing up between two cultures, and what it means to belong.

‘Remarkable’ Robert Macfarlane

‘Gorgeous’ Amy Liptrot

‘Urgent and nourishing’ Jessica J. Lee

Small Bodies of Water by Nina Mingya Powles

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