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Recipes for Wild Vegans – issue 2


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Recipes for Wild Vegans is one of the useful zines I’ve ever come across! Made by Abi and Lili, two vegan queers who love the outdoors, cycle touring, and eating. In this series they share some great practical info for eating vegan when space and equipment is limited, along with general hints about camping and cycle touring. Their recipes are cheap, simple, easily adaptable – and also most importantly, delicious. I’ve made a few already and love them! Even if you’re not vegan, or won’t be cooking outside your home anytime soon, they’re still handy.

After cycling for 90 days from Amsterdam to Montpellier they share their tips of what they learnt along the way. Includes handy spices to take on tour, great vegan places to eat they encountered across Europe, an illustrated guide to using a pocket knife can opener, their best vegan supermarket buys in different countries, how to keep your calorie intake high when you’re cycling all day, things they packed, and lunch ideas.

Recipes in this issue are lentil dhal, spinach and potato curries, chilli, tasty oily olivey tomatoy pasta, and broccoli satay.

Recipes for Wild Vegans – issue 2

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