Not Straight Not White Not Male


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A5 / 28pg / b&w / USA

Not Straight Not White Not Male is a collection of essays. From the author: “I am second generation Vietnamese-American, female/boy and v v gay. Written mid & post being violently dragged through white punk communities.”

People in the US may prefer to buy this directly from the author (cheaper postage for you!): here.


“And Ode to Chinkophiles: Y.e.l.l.o.w.F.e.v.e.r”

“Chauncey: This fucking guy” – a detailed account of the wildly inappropriate escapades of a middle-aged white man projecting his yellow fetish

“I Have Discovered the Words with Which to Express my Visceral Resentment of White Cockiness”

“Sorry, Mom” – being vietnamese-american in america can be fucking irritating..

“Pre-Gay” – some things they want to say to old friends and family

“But Really, Come On, You Surely Know By Now” – about the differences in expectations in ‘female’ attire and aesthetic and ‘male’ attire and aesthetic

“Dysfunction Over Fashion” – how their boi-complex fucks with their wardrobe choices

“Proving Myself: as an Asian and as a Female”

“Your Masculinity is Under Attack: In response to the new onslaught of ad campaigns that perpetuate sexism under the guise of ‘making fun of sexism through exaggeration’” – an obnoxious, satirical piece

“Some Shit Some M-Fuckers Said to Me” documentation of vocalized, 21st century gendered bigotry, just a few months’ worth of sexist, patronizing remarks

“Some More Shit Some Other M-Fuckers Said to Me” – casual list of some racist shit people have said to them

“Not Asian Enough / Too Asian: month one – working in a Vietnamese restaurant couched in white O.C.”

“Broken” – a weird arty thing symbolizing South East Asian-American diasporic identity crises

“E.S.L.” – short and dry. about their being a 1st generation American in my family and not understanding American customs

“A/S/L? 13/M/CA” – a short essay about how they used to create online role-playing characters to live out their dreams and escape their identity

“Don’t Tell Your Parents I Think They’re Racist: (unless I’ve asked you to)” – PSA to white allies.

“White People Making White People Jokes”

“Sup, Hypocrites” – shortly addressing skinny-shame, prude-shame, and femme-shame

“Microcosms of Patriarchy” – hiding from the world in the radical scene does not mean hiding from non-consensual, intimate contact, unfortunately

“Being Conscious of Womanhood”

“On Privilege, Allies, and Bitterness”

“Cathartic Vomit”


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