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From The Gut: Collected Zine Writings


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From the Gut is a compilation of zine, illustration and personal essay work by Kirsty Fife, a zine maker, musician, cultural organiser and information worker based in the UK. Taken from projects undertaken between 2011 and 2021 including the zines Hard Femme, Move Under Yr Own Power and Make It Work, individual pieces explore intersections of class, fatness, queerness, creativity, trauma and mental health. The resulting collection is a picture of personal and creative growth through cultural production, emphasising a non-linear, intimate and perpetually amateur approach to life story writing.

Author bio:
Kirsty Fife (they/them) is a fat activist, zine maker, DIY musician, cultural organiser and information worker based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They have been active in DIY cultures since 2008, after stumbling upon a fat positive LiveJournal community for the first time. Over the years they have run a fat positive and anti-capitalist fashion blog, written many zines about intersections of class, queerness, fat, creativity and trauma, coordinated fat positive clothes swaps and zine fests, and played in punk bands. This work has been featured on platforms including the BBC, Bust, Dazed Digital, The Guardian and more. Professionally they have worked as an archivist, researcher and educator. They are white, queer, non-binary, working class, fat and neurodiverse.

From The Gut: Collected Zine Writings

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