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Queer Body Power : Finding Your Body Positivity by Essie Dennis


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As a young, queer, plus-size person, Essie Dennis has spent a lot of time feeling like they weren’t enough – not queer enough, not feminine enough, not perfect enough. When they took to social media to share how they felt, they were overwhelmed by how many others felt the same. I look too masculine to be non-binaryI look too feminine to be a lesbian Am I too fat for drag?Inviting you to challenge accepted beauty standards and the concept of ‘the perfect body’, Essie takes everything they have learned on their journey to self-acceptance and body satisfaction to help guide you towards loving your queer body.

From gender, sexuality and reclaiming your body, through to food, politics, social media and fatphobia, this radical book starts a conversation about body image and mental health that queer people are so often left out of. Fiercely and unapologetically written, and with honest advice and powerful stories from a diverse range of queer people throughout, this is an inspiring and necessary book that will show you that you are enough.

‘A must read’ JAMIE WINDUST

‘A beautifully honest book’ JUNO ROCHE

‘A superb and necessary book’ BEN PECHEY

Queer Body Power : Finding Your Body Positivity by Essie Dennis

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