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Low-Fat No-Fat Vegetarian (2nd hand)


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This title presents more than 180 deliciously meat-free dishes with all the taste but none of the fat. It features tempting soups, starters, snacks, salads, main courses, accompaniments and deceptively indulgent-looking desserts and bakes. It includes low-fat versions of classics such as vegetarian moussaka, lasagne, cassoulet, hot pots, paellas and pies, as well as enticing new ideas such as Tofu and Pepper Kebabs, Couscous Salad, Coriander Omelette Parcels with Asian Vegetables, and Pineapple Crush with Strawberries and Lychees. It offers expert advice on healthy eating with guidelines for cutting out the fat while retaining all the flavour, with low-fat cooking techniques and tips throughout. The easy-to-follow introduction contains invaluable information on fat-free cooking and achieving a low-cholesterol lifestyle, and how to create low-fat and vegetarian alternatives to higher-fat dishes. The main section of the book features over 180 fabulous recipes, each demonstrated in step-by-step photography for clarity and ease of use, and with a glorious picture of the finished dish to show both beginners or experienced cooks exactly what they are aiming to achieve. At-a-glance fat and calorie content charts are included, and each of the recipes comes with its own nutritional fact panel so you can see instantly how little fat each dish contains. For cooks who care about their health and diet who also want to enjoy the pleasure of preparing and serving irresistible meals for family and friends, this book is the perfect kitchen reference.

Low-Fat No-Fat Vegetarian (2nd hand)

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