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Let’s Make Zines! set of 6 zines for zine-making.


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A set of mini-zines all about zines and zine making. Useful whether you’re new to zines making, or just looking for some inspiration.

Includes the following:

  • Zine prompts -the original mini zine full of general prompts, words, and questions to get your zine ideas flowing.
  • Find joy in terrible times – When it feels like everything is crumbling around us, we need zines that inspire joy and hope. This is a mini zine of prompts that’ll help you think of zine ideas if you’re feeling stuck, all around the theme of finding happiness, especially when times are tough.
  • Prompts for zine making for disability and chronic illness – This zine was made with our friends over at Still Ill Ok, this is a starting guide for making zines, specifically for people who are disabled or have chronic illnesses.
  • Zine making for winter survival – More zines prompts, this time themed around winter, and how to get through the season for folks who struggle with it.
  • Staying home – Made with current pandemic in mind, but also has broader prompts for other times people may need to stay inside – such as through disability or chronic illness, isolation, or imprisonment.  Plus a section of prompts for when you just want to think about something else.
  • Let’s celebrate International Zine Month – Originally made for International Zine Month 2017 (although IZM takes place every year in July!), this is a full-colour zine with 31 ideas of zine-related activities to take part in.
Let’s Make Zines! set of 6 zines for zine-making.

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