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House Of Cards: Baseball Card Collecting and Popular Culture (2nd hand)


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loom sees nostalgia as potentially a positive force in our lives. The card collecting that we do results in the maintenance of a form of play in our adult lives. We are being active and creative rather that simply accepting adult conventions…

Changes in baseball, American society, and marketing techniques stimulated an upsurge in baseball card collecting in the late 1970s that resulted in a fad that has lasted for two decades. An estimated 4,000 collectors grew to four million by 1989, making baseball card collecting the fourth largest hobby in the United States. Bloom’s book reminds us of how recent the phenomena is and how such a boom creates conflicts among its participants.

His book is based on a close reading of collector’s newsletters and magazines, participant observation at baseball card shows and shops where collectors sell and trade their wares, and interviews with about thirty collectors. His purpose is to examine adult sports fan culture as it relates to male gender identity and the concept of masculinity.

House Of Cards: Baseball Card Collecting and Popular Culture (2nd hand)

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