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Being, in a State of Erasure


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Written by Hannah Dawn Henderson

‘My artistic practice is concerned with locating performative and narrative methods with which to bring contemporary socio-political discourse into dialogue with (auto)biographical and individual experiences. I seek to examine the ways in which authority and authorship play out, and most recently I am focused on the role of historical legacies in formulating contemporary political dynamics. This work manifests typically as performance and video-based work, as well as texts and graphical media.’

Hannah Dawn Henderson is an artist and writer based in Manchester and The Hague. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Netherlands, Henderson has participated in exhibitions and projects within the context of the International Festival of Movement on Screen, Kunstvlaai, and Vienna Art Week, as well as various independent art venues in the UK and The Netherlands.

Commissioned as part of Beyond Words Library residency by the Freedom Festival Arts Trust, Hull Culture and Leisure Library Services and Book Works, in association with Hull History Centre, Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation, University of Hull, funded by James Reckitt Library Trust and Arts Council England. This project was also supported by Stroom Den Haag and the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam.

Being, in a State of Erasure

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