Wrong Side of the Divide? Stories from the North of England

 Call For Entries / Posted 7 months ago by Jon

This is a call for entries for a zine about your experiences in the North of England. This is meant to be a kind of discussion about the North, whatever your opinions. You don’t have to live there or be from there, just have some sort of connection with the area. For example:

  • Maybe you grew up in the North and you’ve seen things change, for better or worse?
  • Do you have family you go and visit?
  • Do you prefer it in the North to where you live?
  • Do you wish you were from/live in the North?
  • What does the North have that the South doesn’t?
  • Are people different in the North?
  • Does your mum/dad always go on about how it was better when they were growing up in the North?
  • How have Northern communities changed?
  • Want to shout about your town?

Literally any and all of the above or anything else you can think of! I’ve put a provisional closing date of 1/2/2018 but if there’s loads of responses I’ll close it early and if there’s none I may close it later. This is my first attempt at a collaborative project so I’d love it to be a success! If you contribute I’ll post you a free one too 😉

Thanks, Jon

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