Up for trades! (in English/ French/ Japanese)

 Zine Trades / Posted 10 months ago by queerarcana

Hi! I’m Jade and I write zines about queer & trans life; witchcraft & astrology; autism & mental health; feminism & DIY culture. This includes perzines, compzines and mini-zines.

I’m happy to trade with people all over the world; I particularly like trading for perzines and anything related to LGBTQ stuff, disability, radical politics/ anarchism, feminism, race, class, RPGs/ gaming in general, witchcraft, neurodiversity, mental health, sex work, travel, sobriety, writing, veganism, animal rights, friendships and relationships, non-monogamy/ polyamory, cats, and DIY music.

My zines are written in English but I am happy (and excited!) to also trade for zines written in French or Japanese.

Non-ziney things that I like to trade for: herbal remedies, patches/ badges/ buttons, tarot readings, tarot decks, crystals, candles, postcards/ stationery/ stickers.

  • E-mail : jademars [at] protonmail.com
  • Website : http://queerarcana.etsy.com
  • Address : Brighton, UK
  • Language(s) : English, French, Japanese

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