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 Zine Trades / Posted 10 months ago by kat

Hi there! I’m Kat, a queer white femme living in germany. I make perzines with comics, text and collages and I’d really like to trade with you! The topics of my zines are about relationships, loneliness, grief, heartbreak, dreams and sadness. I also have a few minizines and a zine about BDSM (2 issues) my zines are in english but i also understand greek, french and german.

I’m interested in perzines, and zines with topics like LGBTQ, disability, race, relationships/polyamory/friendships, bdsm, grief, mental health, sex work, safer sex, dreams and comics. I’m also happy to trade zines for pretty pieces of fabric, embroidery floss, collage material, patches, stickers, tarot readings, pretty postcards/drawings etc.

feel free to email me for details and/or visit my tumblr: fokzaret.tumblr.com to see more of my stuff. so excited to hear from you! take good care

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