Thoughts Of You – a Dennis Wilson fanzine

 Call For Entries / Posted 6 months ago by Jenna Appleseed

Submissions wanted – anything Dennis Wilson (Pacific Ocean Blue / Beach Boys etc.)
*Ongoing/no deadline.* Working on issue 1 right now & hoping to get a pdf edition available by the end of the year, followed by an b/w print edition (& hopefully a a colour print edition if I have enough money & enough people are interested – format is a4 colour & b/w). Planning to sell the finished zine to raise money for grassroots homelessness / anti-poverty charities.
You’ll get a free copy if your content is used.

Looking for thoughts, opinions, tributes, art, photos and news/info on Dennis Wilson & a Dennis focused take on The Beach Boys – essays / articles / reviews, diary comics / graphic essays, memories &/or personal fan/fandom stories, photos, art (illustration / collage /comics / memes, photoshops/edits /whatever) + poems & fiction about or inspired by his life, death and songs/music, and/or his inspiration / contributions / role in The Beach Boys are all welcome. (Can be as serious or trashy/piss taking as you want).

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