Northern Souls Zine

 Something Else / Posted 10 months ago by andrew nicholas

Quiet gormless bloke who failed art donkeys ago gets into zines after going to last year’s Northwest Zinefest which if nothing else shows that there should be no barriers. One issue down. It’s a slow process as there is only really me at the helm and I’m too laid back / slack. I’ve been documenting as I go along so have a read if you are interested; there’s alternative versions of stuff, flyers and sepia photos that you can nick if you are into collaging. The image is of zines that I picked up at the zine exhibition / fair at Leeds Library earlier this year. I’m @nsoulszine on twitter but can also be found lurking @cavedweller71 should you want to say “hi”. Keen to support other people trying to make a start.

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