Lunchtime For The Wild Youth issue 4

 Zine Trades / Posted 7 months ago by Russell Barker

Issue 4 of my music memoir zine Lunchtime for the Wild Youth is out now!
Further tales of a well spent youth, following on from issue 3, this zine contains reminiscences of the next 23 gigs that I went to, taking us up to the first 73, and the time I went off to Australia.
Featuring Blur, Suede, Kingmaker, The Frank & Walters, Sultans of Ping FC and many more.
If you grew up near Birmingham or the Market Tavern in Kidderminster, you may find you went to some of these gigs too.
It also contains copies of the ticket stubs, plus drawings of the venues and bands by my daughter Robyn.
All trades welcomed!

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