Hi there!

We’re pen fight, a little zine & DIY art distro based in Manchester, UK. Distributing affordable feminist-friendly work created by women, non-binary, working class, LGBTQ+ or disabled people.

Any profits we make will be put back into running costs, such as table hire at zine fairs, ordering more stock, running future events and putting together an access fund.

What’s a zine?
A zine (like maga-zine) is a self-made printed publication, often made cheaply, usually photocopied – but other printing methods can be used. They can be about anything, from politics to art to your favourite tv show. They can be hand made one-offs or printed in their hundreds. People can hand draw and copy and paste them, use a computer, or both, or anything inbetween. Even if you’ve never heard of them before, you’ve probably seen one and just didn’t know they had a special name. Anyone can make one, including you.

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